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219/366 – Light

I like to stand along the waterfront and watch as the waves advance and recede. Sometimes, as I observe the ebb and flow of the San Francisco bay, I suddenly feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the world before me. Standing at the intersection of urban development and nature’s great abyss, I realize how small I am — and that realization frightens me. The growing roar of the crashing waves threatens to deafen me, and the unceasing sea wind chills me to my bones. I shiver as I spy a dark gray monster of a cloud creeping ever closer, smothering the last bits of light as the sun descends toward the horizon. I’m bathed in shadow. … Until, suddenly, a few stray rays of light break through the clouds. And, with the light, the water’s deafening roar fades to a whisper, and the wind’s biting chill feels like a cool sea breeze. Despite the cacophony of nature that surrounds me, I feel at peace. — (photo © Reggie Ballesteros Photography) (Instagram: @reggiebphoto)