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238/366 – Never on Time

The clock hands keep tick-tick-ticking on, and — as always — I struggle to remain on time.

Where has the hour gone? The day? The month? The year? I grasp for something solid, tangible; something to serve as my foundation as the minutes continue to slip by, nearly undetectable…

But, no matter how hard I try, time eludes me. And here I stand: in the middle of the urban chaos, in the middle of my life, struggling to fight the inevitable deterioration of time.

(photo © Reggie Ballesteros Photography)

(Instagram: @reggiebphoto)

237/366 – NYC Bound

Preface: this one is for Reggie, who joined me on one of my summer work trips and finally visited New York City for the first time.

What will it be like?

His questions never cease, and I’m running out of different ways to answer him. Busy, I’ve already said. Frantic and chaotic.

It’s noisy and smelly and hot and humid and sticky, so wear breathable clothes and comfortable shoes. And the people walking down the sidewalk don’t give two shits about you, so keep with the pace and stay out of their way and you’ll be fine.

I’m realizing that my warnings and tips are starting to overwhelm him. So I stop, take a quick breath, and tell him the truth.

What will it be like? Well, it is going to be crazy and busy and frantic and chaos, but it’s also all kinds of beautiful and magical. And you’re going to love it.

(photo © Reggie Ballesteros Photography)

(Instagram: @reggiebphoto)

234/366 – Baby and Mama

They spend the mornings frolicking around the expansive backyard.

They run up and down the hills, wrestle in the dirt, and yap through the small cracks in the fence as if they were gossiping with their neighbors, the tiny Chihuahuas at the house next door.

True, they’ll argue, usually in the form of gnawing on each other’s ears and snapping at one another (while the other, usually the baby, runs away in fear).

Then, they’ll relax in the late afternoon sun, curled up together at the foot of the hill.

It must be a nice life, big baby and little mama.

(photo © Reggie Ballesteros Photography)

(Instagram: @reggiebphoto)

232/366 – T.G.I.F.

The clouds roll over ahead, and — despite the clear blue peeking through the fluffy white — I can’t help but

Groan. Even the heavenly beauty can’t distract me from my

Internal, deep-rooted pain: I’m nothing but an infinitesimal speck in this wide, wide world,

Forever doomed to wrestle with my unknown meaning and purpose.

(photo © Reggie Ballesteros Photography)

(Instagram: @reggiebphoto)