About Sarina, a.k.a. beanbrain

There are a few things you should know about me:

  1. I’m a San Francisco Bay Area native.
  2. I’m a self-professed creative with a special love for writing, photography, and all things music.
  3. I’m a bumbling mother of two.

After I started my journey into motherhood a few years ago, I’ve realized one thing: I don’t have the slightest clue what I’m doing. And I’m beyond overwhelmed. And I need a safe space to write about those challenges — admittedly, with the selfish hopes that some mothers (and fathers!) out there would take pity on my soul and commiserate with me (or maybe even validate how I’m feeling).

And that’s what “beanbrain” will be. A safe space where I can share my hopes, fears, frustrations, joys, laughs, and thoughts as I experience being a mother.

To be clear: this is not a place where I’ll share advice (mainly because I don’t feel qualified to offer advice) or where I’ll attempt to speak with any type of authority on a parenting subject. Everything I share will be personal, grounded in my experience, and 100% unique to my family and me.

And, please — I invite you to share your experiences and thoughts with me. I hope that, by sharing my personal parenting experiences, you’ll feel comfortable to share your experiences with me. And, together, we can figure this stuff out. Or, at the very least, support each other through this chaos.

Enjoy. :)

Some other fun facts:

  • I’m a Santa Clara University alum with a degree in English and Communication (emphasis in writing and journalism).
  • I currently work full-time in corporate human resources/recruiting at a technology company in San Francisco.
  • My favorite activities include binge-watching shows on Netflix, trying new restaurants, dabbling in music, and hanging out with my family.