Happy New Year: 2020 Goals

Ah, here we are: at the start of a new year.

It’s funny: thanks to my favorite feature on my Day One Journal, my end-of-year journal entries automatically resurface through an “On This Day” recap, and I’ve had an opportunity to read through all my new year sentiments from the past six years or so.

There definitely were common themes.

I haven’t accomplished everything I’ve wanted to… but I will next year. I’m going to lose that weight. I’m going to get healthy. I’m going to write more blog posts. I’m going to be happy. I’m going to take care of myself.

Forgive me, but this blog post is also going to be filled with some of the same stuff… We’re creatures of habit after all, right?

Upon reflection, I hate to admit: 2019 had its fair share of crappiness. That’s not to say that it didn’t have its bright spots (there were a lot). But there were also some definite obstacles that hindered my ability (or, more accurately, my desire and my will) to accomplish the things I wanted to accomplish.

For reference:

(Note: these events are comprehensive of both the good and the bad, the uplifting and the heartbreaking, listed in a roughly chronological order, but not necessarily in a positivity ranking.)

  • Celebrated five years of marriage.
  • Finished up my second pregnancy, which included blood typing incompatibilities with my unborn baby, high blood sugar, and symptoms of antepartum depression and anxiety.
  • Had another hectic labor and delivery experience.
  • Gave birth to my second son, Noah (a definite high note, in case you were wondering!).
  • Enjoyed about five months of maternity leave with my two boys.
  • Took at least six trips to the Disneyland Resort.
  • Left my job after five years.
  • Decided with my husband that he would quit his day job and commit full-time to his photography business (thus, enabling him to be a stay-at-home dad).
  • Started a new role…
  • … Where I experienced a slew of challenges, including a toxic work environment, a challenging boss, questionable business ethics, and highly publicized workplace woes.
  • Left that job after less than six months…
  • Started a new job in a new industry in my dream function, right before the holidays!
  • Learned that a close relative has a serious illness.
  • Continued to manage ongoing communication issues with in-laws and distant relatives.
  • Constantly wrestled with my identity as a wife, a mother, a working professional, and a woman.

My husband Reggie would tease me that the list above could be misconstrued as excuses. Which would be unacceptable, particularly because I dubbed 2019 as my “year of no excuses.” But life happens, new year’s resolutions fall to the wayside, and time slips away from us…

And all I can do is give myself a little bit of grace and say: I didn’t get to do the things I wanted to, but I promise that this year I am going to keep trying to do things differently.

So, that’s all there is to it. I’m sharing my 2020 goals with you all — partly for accountability’s sake, mostly in hopes that putting them out into the world with the best of intentions will help those goals to be actualized. I’ve developed my tactics and tools to help execute. I’ve defined my metrics to measure success.

But, most importantly, I’ve resolved to keep plugging away, no matter what.

So Happy New Year to you all. May 2020 bring you all the joy, success, and love that you want — and the resolve to keep chugging along, no matter what challenges are thrown your way.

My 2020 Goals

  • Achieve my goal weight of 140 lbs.
  • Publish 52 blog posts by the end of the year.
  • Practice self-care regularly.
    • Pray and/or meditate daily.
    • Journal daily.
    • Practice gratitude daily.
    • Exercise daily for mental health.
    • Prioritize monthly date nights with Reggie.

20 Things to Do in 2020: My Annual Bucket List

(listed in no particular order)

  1. Sign up for a library card.
  2. Plant and maintain a terrarium with the boys.
  3. Take a calligraphy class.
  4. Complete a Couch to 5K program.
  5. Run a 5K.
  6. Go to a live concert.
  7. Buy a house.
  8. Get triple lobe piercings.
  9. Get a tattoo with Vinh Huynh at Ironwave Ink.
  10. Get a tattoo with Sai Li.
  11. Read at least 20 books.
  12. Listen to one album a week.
  13. Re-learn (and memorize!) Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C# Minor.
  14. Travel to a city I’ve never been to.
  15. Take an overnight trip with Reggie (no kids!).
  16. Dine at a Michelin star restaurant.
  17. Visit Disneyland during Christmas.
  18. Complete a 30-day plank challenge.
  19. Host a private movie screening.
  20. Complete my 2020 bullet journal — artistic spreads and all!

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