Year: 2014

Photo a Day: 022/365 – Mission and The Embarcadero

I love when I can see a bit of sun peeking through the buildings in San Francisco’s Financial District, especially when I’m rushing to catch a ferry back home to Vallejo. Sometimes, I need to remind myself to pause and savor these moments ā€” and it’s especially nice when I remember to snap a photo while admiring the urban beauty. On a side note: I’m starting to realize that, over the past few weeks, my 365 Photo Project has been shaping into a sort of visual love poem to San Francisco (and urban life, in general). Is it bad that I’m not the least bit upset about that fact? After all, in my heart of hearts, I know that I’m a Big City kind of girl.

Photo a Day: Days 16 through 21

On this Tuesday evening back from a long weekend full of wedding prep, I’m doing quite a bit of catch-up on this photo project. Some highlights over the past few days: Reggie and I applied for our marriage license at the Solano County Clerk’s Office (Day 16). My sister and I ran a few errands to prep for my bachelorette party weekend, including gathering the necessary tools for my photo project (Day 17). I spent the weekend in SoCal and Disneyland with my sisters (Days 18-20). On the first day back from the office, I (miraculously) managed to snap a few photos of the golden hour. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few photos from Days 16-21 of my 365 Photo Project.

Minute Musings: Marital Bliss

(an excerpt from my journal, Jan. 14th, 2014) While waiting in line for the 3:30 ferry back to Vallejo, I stood behind an old married couple. And I mean grey-haired, wrinkled-skin, slight-stoop-as-they-walk old married couple. I first noticed them as I approached the queue because he had his free arm wrapped around his spouse and held her close. She looked up at him, her hand resting on his chest, her cheeks rosy and her eyes shining and her lips stretched into an infectious smile. As we approached the loading dock, he rubbed her back. She play-smacked his face, as he made a joke and laughed at her expense. His hand drifted and lingered on her lower back as, one by one, we boarded. And the whole time I observed this exchange, I kept thinking: (1) these two are adorable, and (2) I pray that Reggie and I can be exactly like this at an old age ā€“ just as playful and enamored with one another as we are right now at 23 years old. That’s …