Month: March 2012

Beauty Trend: Ombré Hair

My good friend Melba is about to get her hair colored for the first time. Her dye job of choice? Ombré hair! Extremely trendy and super edgy, this latest beauty trend has been spied on everyone from Drew Barrymore to Ashley Simpson to Rachel Bilson to Rihanna to Lauren Conrad. I wouldn’t mind getting this done myself: since I’m always down to try the latest beauty trend — and I always love something with a little bit more edge — I think that this hairstyle would be perfect. If done correctly, the dye job would look sleek, polished, and rock n’ roll. Like I said, I love this look — but, because I’ve never dyed my hair before, I’m a liittle hesitant to book an appointment at a Paul Mitchell salon and get it done myself. What are your thoughts? Is this beauty trend worth popping my colored-hair cherry and heading to the salon for a peroxide hair treatment?

Future Must-Haves: Vintage Hermes 2-in-1 Herbag

As a graduating senior on the verge of entering the corporate world (hopefully, the corporate fashion retail world — wouldn’t that be fabulous?), I’ve been obsessed with finding stylish professional clothes. Every time I walk into a Macy’s or an H&M, I love looking at the shoes (I’ve been on the hunt for some kitten heels), and my collection of blazers has been increasing by the minute… That being said, I also love looking for great handbags that could be used in the professional world without looking like a boring ol’ briefcase. I already have my Michael Kors Hamilton handbag, but I love having options! So imagine my joy when I stumbled across this beauty! This canvas bag is trimmed with burnt orange leather, and it has both a handle and a long strap so the bag could be used as a crossbody. I think this would look great during the summer, with a khaki full skirt, a navy boyfriend blazer, and maybe some cork and leather wedges. Throw on some Audrey-esque glasses and a …

Men’s Style: Faux Leather Jacket, Charles & 1/2

Reggie spotted this jacket while we were browsing Urban Outfitters yesterday afternoon, and I told him, “Get it!” The jacket’s faux leather is uber buttery, and I love the knit jersey shell with the hood and drawstring. It comes in brown and black, as well, and I could imagine it paired with a regular cotton T (Hanes, anyone?), straight-fit colored denim or khakis (think something more muted like burgundy), and classic Vans slip-ons or Chuck Taylors. A super urban look! How would you style this jacket?

Personal Style: Saturday with the Boyfriend; Day to Night Look

I haven’t seen my boyfriend Reggie in a few weeks (an inherent side effect of being in a long-distance relationship), so he decided to pay me a visit yesterday. We watched “The Hunger Games” at CinéArts on Santana Row (the second time I’ve watched it in less than 48 hours, and it’s just as amazing the second time as it was the first time), grabbed some coffee from Peet’s Coffee, browsed Urban Outfitters and H&M, and tried to avoid getting soaked in the rain. His parents met up with us later that evening so we could have dinner at Yard House and grab dessert at Cocola Bakery (finally got the Parisian macarons that I’ve been craving for almost a month!). With such a jam-packed day, I needed an outfit that could: (1) withstand the elements; (2) easily transition from day to night; and (3) look appropriate enough for a date with Reggie and dinner with his parents. The only missing accessory for this ensemble? A coffee cup from Peet’s! Outfit details: Boyfriend blazer, scarf & …

Men’s Style: Waxed Canvas Pritchard, Vans

My boyfriend Reggie has been on the hunt for some new shoes that can add a mature sense of style to his everyday wardrobe. “I want those shoes that look like dress shoes but aren’t,” he told me. And with that vague description, I stumbled across these! This Oxford-style shoe by Vans is dressy enough to add a little bit of sophistication to a pair of slim khakis and a plaid button-down, but durable enough to wear while skating (which Reggie, an avid longboarder, loves to do). How else would I style this? Wear them with a striped sweater and skinny jeans or slip on a pair of shorts and a charcoal V-neck. I also think that a pair of tan cords would look great with these bad boys. Ray-Ban wayfarers and a chunky leather watch are a must, too! ;)

Trends: Pretty in Pink (Denim)

The other day, I suggested pairing a navy blouson top from F21 with coral jeans; today, I spy on Fly & Mighty that celebs’ new alternative color-of-choice for their typically blues: pink! I’ve always been a big fan of colored denim. Flirty, feminine and fresh — pink is an ideal shade as we enter spring. Would you rock this look? If so, follow the jump for some pink products that you can work into your spring wardrobe!

“Project Runway All Stars”: Sneak Peek at Final Collections!

Lifetime’s “Project Runway All Stars” blog did what I asked for a couple of days ago: they released photos of one look from each finalist’s collections! Now I know what I’m dealing with — and now I can root for Mondo with confidence. ;) Now that you have an inkling of what to expect on this Thursday’s runway, I’m wondering: who do you think should win the title of the first “Project Runway All Stars” champion?

Trends: Bird’s the Word!

Spring runways have gone to the birds, according to The Wall Street Journal, which was cited in this article in The Cut. Check out these awesome sparrow prints on the Carolina Herrera Summer/Spring 2012 runway (above) and the bird-laden textiles at Reed Krakoff and J.W. Anderson! Does this trend have you in fine feather? (And, is it just the geek in me me, or does this fascination with birds make you think of a certain movie hitting theaters this Friday that features a certain bird pin? Just sayin’.) Follow the jump for fashionista-on-a-budget tips on how to work this trend, without breaking the bank!